APC Homes was announced as winner of the ABSA Bank International Innovative Housing and Sustainable Energy Efficiency Competition. Building method enhances speed, costs The international award winning building  system is now available in South Africa. The  building system boasts to be stronger, faster,  more energy efficient and less skilled labour  intensive, compared to conventional brick and  mortar buildings. APC Homes is ready to build  Africa.   APC HOMES APC Homes donates  a 68m² house to a family who lost their home along the R512 near Johannesburg. Radio Jacaranda R512 Family Project Aspiring home-builders can now build homes faster and cheaper without compromising on quality. It sounds like a fairy tale, but this is exactly what APC Homes are managing to do ....  © 2009 APC HOMES -. All rights reserved APC Homes Wins: International Innovative Housing and Sustainable Energy Competition
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