The APC building system originated from Classy Crete, a company that was established in1998. The founder of Classy Crete saw the potential in the qualities of surrounding pre cast built walls that have been with South African home-owners for the past 50 years. Initial market research showed that the demand for the upgrading of these walls was immense but no product to improve it was available. Classy Crete investigated the possibility to apply standard cement plaster mixtures to these pre cast high density walls. Consequently a product was invented for this particular purpose and Classy Crete was launched with great success. In co-operation with the franchisees of Classy Crete, market research was conducted to determine the feasibility of applying these indestructible building materials to the building industry.  The fact that these materials were used for boundary walls for half a century created an existing manufacturing infrastructure. Several structures were erected and tested by construction engineers over a long period of time. Once these experiments were completed and application was launched to Agrément SA for certification. APC Homes Ltd was established once the APC building module passed with flying colours and consequently approved by Agrément SA . VISION Taking all into consideration, APC Homes' vision is to see an empowered country where the living standards are increased by providing better  housing  to all sectors of the market and the unemployment rate decreases due to the creation of more jobs.  MISSION  Our mission is to train entrepreneurs and current builders in the APC building module in order for them to involve more unskilled labour in the building industry and to deliver a better standard of housing to potential home owners.   APC HOMES - The Better Way To Build -  © 2009 APC HOMES -. All rights reserved Terms of use & Privacy Statement