APC Homes Wins: International Innovative Housing and Sustainable Energy Competition  © 2009 APC HOMES -. All rights reserved APC Homes was announced as winner of the ABSA Bank International Innovative Housing and Sustainable Energy Efficiency Competition. An unconventional building system competition was held at Mbekweni,  Wellington RSA during 2009 -2010. The aim of the competition was to  determine the qualities of over 18 different unconventional building  systems around the world. The assessment criterion that was used  included: - Durability - Architectural quality of housing products - Cost effectiveness and value for money - Rapid construction - Energy efficiency - Social acceptance - Bank acceptability and finance for innovative housing designs All the competitors were given a budget and time frame in which they had to construct a dwelling for a beneficiary family in the local area. We are proud to announce that the APC Building module received the highest award – BNG housing category for innovative housing. In addition, the APC building module received the 2nd price for energy efficiency. We thank ABSA Bank South Africa, the main sponsor, as well as the other sponsors (listed below) for the opportunity to compete in such a prestigious event. The Sponsors include:
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