Cost effectiveness Since the Agrément certificate was issued, several houses were erected with the APC building  module. The following findings were made:  The speed and ease of construction was on average 3 times faster than conventional brick and mortar structures All structures were erected using mainly unskilled labours This resulted in a decrease in construction cost while still delivering a flawless structure. Quantity  surveying cost showed a saving of 30% on average, taking into consideration the size of the  structure built. A comprehensive costing is available on request. It is a well known fact that building cost per m2 increases as size decreases, making low cost  and affordable housing, of good quality, more expensive than larger houses of the same  standard. The recent international ABSA competition, where leading unconventional building  systems competed against each other, the APC building module won 1st prize in the BNG low  cost housing division. Infrastructure  Due to the fact that the manufacturing of the building materials is almost similar to those of used  for erecting boundary walls, a nationwide manufacturing infrastructure already exists. APC  Homes believes that they are the only unconventional building enterprise that can truly deliver  housing on a nationwide basis with existing materials.  In addition to having a manufacturing  infrastructure, APC Homes have established a builder's infrastructure that currently stands at 86  licensed builders.  In addition to having a manufacturing infrastructure, APC Homes have established a builders  infrastructure that currently stands at 86 licensed builders. Quality control  The directors of APC Homes realise that the sustainability of the Agrément Building certificate  depends on proper quality control measures. For this reason APC Homes appointed structural  engineers on a country wide basis. In addition, APC Homes is administrated by a strict quality  control management system that ensures proper construction of all APC structures erected by  licensed builders, nationwide Qualities of the APC Building System  © 2009 APC HOMES -. All rights reserved Terms of use & Privacy Statement