FAQ Licensing Prospective Clients Licensing Developers  © 2009 APC HOMES -. All rights reserved  As per any new business venture, questions will arise. For this reason we have put together a collection of questions and answers for your benefit. Feel free to contact us with unanswered questions. 1. Question: What qualifications requirements are there to becoming a licensed builder? No building qualifications are required, it will, however, be to your advantage. We need entrepreneurs that can manage a business and his workers. 2. Question: What training is offered and how long does it take? An initial one day theoretical training at our training centres in Cape Town or Centurion, Pretoria. Thereafter practical on-site training that can take up to five days. A comprehensive training manual is also available. 3. Question: Is a detailed costing of a house available prior to the purchase of a license? Yes, during an interview (compulsory) the costing of a house in all aspects are discussed.  4. Question: Are there any royalties payable? An administration fee of R110 per square meter and R80 per square meter on BNG house are payable. This amount includes the cost of all on-site APC inspections. 5. Question: Can a licence holder expect any support from APC Homes regarding prospects? Yes, APC Homes do some advertising and will refer all prospects of potential buyers to licence holders. 6. Question: How many builders' licenses will be sold and can anyone obtain exclusive rights in an area? APC Homes plans to cover the entire country with licensed builders. Certain high density areas require a lot of builders while lower populated areas will start off with one or two licensees. We do not offer exclusive rights. The building industry is huge and there is more than enough work for many licensees in future. An initial amount of 200 will be appointed country wide. 7. Question: Where am I allowed to build with a licence? Licences are issued in a province. You will not be allowed to build outside your province. 8. Question: Is there any other registrations? Yes, you also need to register with the NHBRC 9. Question: Can the building method also be used in clayey soil? Yes, there are different foundations for soil variations. 11. Question: What is the next step? If you are interested, please send us an email and we will forward you an application form. The next step will be to come to our offices, Cape Town or Centurion on an information day where the building system will be thoroughly discussed and questions answered. Terms of use & Privacy Statement