FAQ Prospective Clients Prospective Clients Licensing Developers  © 2009 APC HOMES -. All rights reserved A collection of questions, which we have received over a period of time from potential home builders, are answered here. Please read through it and if some of your questions remain unanswered, feel free to contact us. 2. Question: What is the expected life span of an APC house? Given normal, regular and adequate maintenance, the durability of APC Modular System buildings will be similar to that of conventionally constructed buildings. See Agrément Certificate. 3. Question: Is their a guarantee on the craftsmanship or the work? APC Homes have an infrastructure of quality control inspectors. The construction is divided into different stages and builders can only proceed once a completed stage is approved and signed off by an inspector. All the buildings are NHBRC approved which means that it carries a 5 year guarantee. 4. Question: Is the building method approved by municipalities? Yes, once a building method is approved by Agrément SA it cannot be rejected by a municipality. 5. Question: Is the method approved by banks? We have applied for approval by all the mayor banks. It has been approved by ABSA, FNB and Standard Bank. Nedbank did not reply on our requests. 6. Question: Can anybody build with the building system? The APC Building system belongs to the Agrément certificate holder APC homes Ltd. Builders can only build with the system once they are issued with a building licence. For more information, please see Licensing on the website. 7. Question: Can the building system be used to extend on an existing conventional building? Yes, additional rooms can quite easily be built onto existing buildings. 8. Question: Can I use my own building plan? The same conditions apply, as in the case of any building structure, the building plans must be drafted by an architect or registered draughtsman. 9. Question: Can standard building material e.g. door- and window frames, plumbing etc. be used? The only difference between an APC - and a conventional house is the material and method used for the building structure. All the other material used is standard 10. Question: How do I get hold of an APC builder? We are in the process to appoint and train builders from all over the country. Please contact us for a builder nearest to you. 1. Question: What is unique on the APC building system? The building material used is much (4 times) stronger than standard bricks. The speed of erection is  3 times faster than brick and mortar structures. An APC building module is 2 times more energy  effective. The walls are water resistant and rising damp free.   It is at least 30% more cost effective. Terms of use & Privacy Statement