Licensing Prospective Clients Licensing Developers  © 2009 APC HOMES -. All rights reserved Licensing The APC Building module is an advanced building module that has the ability to address the shortage of housing . The qualities of the building system include " The speed and ease of construction " The strength of the building components " The simplicity of the building method that allows the use of unskilled labour " The elimination of rising damp due to the water resistance of the panels. These qualities results in a decrease in construction cost while still delivering a flawless structure. Quantity surveying cost showed a saving of 30% on average, taking into consideration the size of the structure built. The conditions of the Agrément Certificate allow us to sell Building and Manufacturing licenses to approved role players in the building industry. Full theoretical and practical training is a must to ALL new licensees, the cost of which is included in the purchase price.   APC Homes is available to the entire building industry, not only in South Africa but also in the rest Africa where we recently expanded to Nigeria and Angola. APC Homes is a relatively new company, matching and surpassing construction companies that have been around for many years. We therefore invite you to partake in the success that is APC Homes and to contact Head office for more information regarding the APC licenses. Terms of use & Privacy Statement