Prospective Clients Prospective Clients Licensing Developers  © 2009 APC HOMES -. All rights reserved Prospective Clients The APC building module can be utilised for a wide range of structures including offices, residential units (ranging from housing for high income groups to low income groups), churches, schools etc. as well as extensions to brick and mortar built structures. Due to the unprecedented qualities of the building system that includes: The use of unskilled labour The ease and speed of construction that is on average 3 times faster than conventional brick and mortar built structures, APC Licensed builders can build more economically than their brick and mortar counterparts, and thereby transferring the building cost saving onto you, the potential home-owner. Other problems relating to the building industry is also eliminated with the use of the APC Building module.  Intensive quality control measures are implemented to ensure that all structures erected under the APC name is done to the utmost standard as stated in the Agrément certificate. Builder accountability is therefore guaranteed. For those of you residing in the Western Province where rising damp and water penetration is a daily struggle, the APC building module utilises water resistant building materials that curtails rising damp. Plan Bank Potential home builders can take a look at our standard plan bank which is updated on a regular basis. This, however, does not mean that APC Homes only build according to these plans! The APC building module can be used for a wide range of designs and almost any plan can be converted to the APC Building module while still leaving the intended look of the structure intact.   We have a number of architects that is already accustomed with the APC building module and its design requirements. However, any architect is able to design an APC structure. Architects are welcome to contact us for further information. Finding your APC registered builder APC Homes have registered builders nationwide. If you require a quotation please feel free to fill in the prospective clients form. APC Homes Head office will forward it to the builder in your area who will, in return, contact you for a quotation. Alternatively look out for the APC Licensed builder logo on Builder Advertisements! Please feel free to ask for Builder identification as all APC Licensed builders are issued with ID cards. Alternatively, you can contact head office to establish whether your builder is in fact a registered APC Builder. Terms of use & Privacy Statement